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Natasha Von announcing the Golden Dakini Oracle, a Series

A series of books following a mysterious half human, half Mermaid heroine through life in past and present incarnations as she dances through time in circles of small flames, weaving her stories of love and lust ; the desire for self- knowledge, Eternity , overwhelming  psychic and erotic passions , Supernatural planes parallel to our own , and the Secret of the Golden Dakini .

I - Love letters from a vampire

II – Havana soul

III – California


An old carved box opens into the world of a mysterious Vampire through a letter from the past that brings him raging and bigger than life ; into modern time , and into the life of an equally mysterious artist squatting in a crumbling  mansion in nineties era urban Brooklyn …  A passion flares that becomes  unquenchable as two beings equally  possessed of a past full of secrets meet in their quest for self mastery , revenge , everlasting love and eternal  life ..

“ My Love Letters from a Vampire: “ will be the first to be released in the series  in May on Amazon Kindle , to be followed by HAVANA SOUL … later in  Autumn of  2014 .


Santeria  to the tune of an old rhumba ; a battle for souls , sorcery , rivalry, spirit possession and the pull of a deep and powerful love from the past … set with the rivalry of two powerful women, for the heart and love of one man … in the enchanted world of Havana , Cuba , in a houseful of music  and magic where time stands still …


A journey into a magical landscape of mystery and mystical revelation , mixed with intrigue , Vampires and the teachings of the Golden Dakini and a divine but erotic love .

Natasha von Rosenschilde is an artist , story teller , poet and sculptor of Angels who pursues the path of the Golden Dakini , and the Mystic Lady  Cloud Walkers . A pioneer of the art of using the body as an Esoteric Canvas , she is a student of the stars , conjuring and Sacred Dance , and lives in a tower by a Northern lake ..

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